"Satan’s exploits in the landscape: The Devil’s Arrowes: John Aubrey, ‘Monumenta Britannica’, Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Top. gen. c. 24, fo. 70r. (Reproduced by permission of the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford)" - from Alexandra Walsham’s The Reformation of the Landscape: Religion, Identity, and Memory in Early Modern Britain and Ireland
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Norman Parkinson for Vogue, 1970
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Young Lucian Freud, Photo by Clifford Coffin for British Vogue, 1947
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Alice Pollock, fashion designer and owner of 1960s boutique Quorum.

It’s May 29th, Oak Apple Day, the public holiday held between 1660 and 1859 which celebrated the restoration of King Charles II. Castleton Garland Day is a Derbyshire custom which combines ‘modern’ elements of Oak Apple Day with much older May Day ‘Jack in The Green’ Paganism - via This Is Not The Universe

Young boys throw a ball on a lush green hillside below castle ruins in Warwickshire, England, 1968.Photograph by Ted Spiegel, National Geographic

Photographed by Roger Stowell. Scanned from Petticoat, March 29th 1969 #charlottemartin #rogerstowell #petticoatmagazine #1960s #sixties
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